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We are a group of parishioners that have come together in order to raise funds and organize the logistics of bringing a refugee family to Halifax. It is our goal to welcome a family into our community and provide them with the shelter and hope for which they have desperately been waiting. 


Pope Francis has called upon our faith community to actively play a role in helping refugees to find a home and safety after their struggle, displacement and loss. Canada as a nation has declared it’s support of global refugee needs and now our Parish is hoping to do its part to help a refugee family call Halifax home.  In conjunction with Federal support, our Committee is raising the necessary funds to cover the process of bringing a refugee to Halifax, helping them adjust to life in Canada and get them established in the community so that they can thrive.

             “Above all I ask leaders and legislators and the entire international community,
              to confront the reality of those who have been displaced by force, with effective
               projects and new approaches in order to protect their dignity, to improve the
              quality of their life and to face the challenges that are emerging from modern
                 forms of persecution, oppression and slavery.”   -   Pope Francis, 2015


Our committee needs to have the finances in place in order to take the next steps. Pledging your commitment to this initiative will help us move forward with bringing a refugee family into the country. The online pledge form below is not a donation, but merely an indication of the funds you're willing to commit if we are successful in getting enough support to proceed further. 

Once our Parish has demonstrated that we have the financial means to support the process of bringing a refugee into our community, then the official collection of pledges will begin sometime in January of 2016.

Your consideration and support is greatly appreciated!

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