A Roman Catholic Community 
In Halifax Nova Scotia
"Home of the Franciscans of Halifax"

Parish News

The Annual Parish Fair will take place

on Saturday, April 28th,

from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Tables will include Baked Goods,

Fudge, Sewing, New-to-You,

Straw Game, Books, Raffles,

Children’s Games, Canteen,

and Silent Auction.

See YOU at the Fair!


If you have automatic debits taken from your bank account to pay your bills, then you already understand the PAD concept.  Did you know that you can give to the church in the same way?  Using the PAD program for your offering allows you to give intentionally, proportionally and faithfully to the church, even when you are not able to be there in person.  The PAD system replaces the need to write cheques or have cash on hand.  You can still participate in the Sunday offertory by placing your numbered envelope in the regular collection basket and checking the PAD option which is pre-printed on each envelope.  It’s easy to get started.  Forms and further information can be found at the back of the Church.
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